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MagZip replacement zippers are a complete replacement separating zipper, including slider, and can be installed similar to any standard zipper.  We recommend a professional Tailor or Seamstress perform the installation.  However, it is possible for a skilled sewer can perform the installation at home.  There are many online tutorials including herehere, and here.

Replacement Sliders are available separately.

At this time MagZip is only available with #5 molded Delrin teeth.


    • All lengths are in inches
    • MagZip zippers are available in a variety of lengths.  If the exact length you require is not available, we recommend ordering a slightly longer length.  MagZip, as with most standard zippers, can be cut to length and a new Top Stop installed
    • Zipper length is typically measured from the very bottom of the zipper tape (the fabric holding the zipper) to the very top tooth, usually known as a Top Stop.
    • We have a limited inventory.  Many MagZip styles are only available in a single length.