Free shipping on MagZip and accessory orders over $20. Hoodie orders over $50. USA only.


You'd like to have a MagZip in your jacket, but you're not sure how to have it added. 

MagZip can be added by a Tailor or Seamstress similar to a standard replacement zipper.  However, finding a professional and delivery/pick up can be a hassle.  Let us handle the zipper replacement for you!  Simply add your preferred MagZip to your cart then purchase our Zipper Replacement Service.  We'll take care of everything for you. You'll receive a package with prepaid return postage and packaging for your jacket.  Simply drop the package with your jacket at a local Post Office or even hand to you home postal carrier.  We'll have a professional sew in your new MagZip and then ship your jacket back to you.  That's it!  All postage and packaging is included.

Typical turnaround is 2 weeks from the shipment of your jacket to us.  Longer times may occur.
Only available in the USA.