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Conceived and developed by DNS Designs, the patented MagZip is a significant advance in zipper technology. Originally designed to help those with dexterity issues, MagZip has proven helpful to anyone from athletes to harried parents and children, as well as those with physical challenges.

Some of the benefits of MagZip are as follows:

  • Magnetic base allows for easy starting or single handed use

  • Minimum dexterity required to close the zipper

  • Zipper base holds together and meets all industry standards

  • Easy and natural feel when unzipping

  • MagZip Patents

MagZip is based upon a #5 Delrin plastic seperating zipper.  The typical pin and box used join the bottom of a separating zipper has been replaced with a unique, self aligning, magnetic base.

MagZip is currently available on jackets from several retail brands as well as a replacement for existing garments here on our store.

MagZip's unique magnetic base

MagZip's unique magnetic base