Mix Match

Mix Match

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Veneer - After Burn
X-Ray - Blue Shift
Red - Blue Infinity
Black Cherry - Midnight Navy
Mechanic Blue - Boulder
Mechanic Blue - Fury
Sugar Mint - Boulder
Sugar Mint - Mechanic Blue
Crystal - Caspian
Rebel Pink - Sky Blue
Aqua Falls - Europa Purple
Aqua Falls - Sky Blue
Maroon - Overcast Gray
Lime Twist - Cruise Blue
Heron - Amalgam Gray
X-Ray - Citrus Blast

It's a Fun New Twist on the Zipper!!!  Kids and Adults Love how Mix Match MagZip creates a unique look on their jackets.

Lengths are in inches

If you plan to install the MagZip yourself, you will need a stop top kit which can be found here.

For any other questions, please visit the Guide to MagZip Selection or FAQ Page