Free shipping on MagZip and accessory orders over $20. Hoodie orders over $50. USA only.


I can’t find the Color/Length combination that I need.

Our inventory is very limited. For most colors, we offer only a single length. As long as the MagZip you have selected is as long as or longer than the zipper it is replacing, it can be cut to size.

I’ve found a color I need, but the length is unavailable or too short. Will you be getting more?

Unfortunately, when our inventory is depleted of a given color and length combination, it will not be replenished. However, we do restock individual colors, but the length may vary. We do not have restocking schedules, but if you subscribe to our mailing list or e-mail us directly, we will inform you when new inventory arrives.

I'm confused about which MagZip to purchase. What are the options?

Please review How MagZip Works for further explanation.

How does the Zipper Replacement Service work?

Please review our Zipper Replacement Service for further explanation.

How long before my order ships?

Please allow up to 7 business days for your order to ship. You will receive e-mail notification with tracking information immediately following shipment.

What are my shipping options?

To keep your shipping costs low, we use United States Postal Service (USPS) 1st Class for both domestic and international shipments. Tracking numbers will be provided. We also offer FedEx for a more expedited deliveries.  As an alternative shipping option, if you have an account with a common carrier, i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., and would prefer to use that method please e-mail us with your carrier and account number, prior to placing your order. Please note that we still collect a $10 handling fee for processing, packaging, and delivery to your carrier.

How long with shipping take (USA and Canada)?

Domestic (USA) orders generally arrive 3-5 business days after shipment. Canadian orders generally arrive 5-7 business days after shipment. Full tracking is available in the USA and Canada.

How long with shipping take (International excluding Canada)?

Unfortunately, for some international destinations, tracking is not possible and delivery times may be unpredictable. Click here for a list of countries supporting full tracking or contact your local postal service. Typically expect 3-4 weeks from notification of shipment for international delivery, however longer shipping times are not uncommon. We do offer FedEx International Economy for a fully traceable shipment and predictable delivery time if required.

How accurate are the colors?

We know that matching your existing garment is important to you. We try to ensure that images on our store accurately represent the actual product. However, due to image resizing and variations in displays, true product colors may vary slightly from the images. Please contact us if you'd like a brochure of available colors that may provide a more accurate representation.

I have a broken MagZip that I purchased from your store.

Please visit our Warranty Page.

I have a jacket I purchased from a retailer with a broken MagZip. Who do I contact?

We are not affiliated with brands incorporating MagZip, including Under Armour.  Please contact the retailer or brand of the jacket first. They may be able to provide a replacement garment under the original warranty. If they are unable to help you replace or repair a jacket you may purchase a replacement MagZip from our store.

I have or have seen a jacket that appears to have a MagZip. How do I know?

MagZip is a registered trademark of Under Armour. Only Under Armour jackets are advertised with "MagZip" zippers. Other brands may use other descriptions such as "magnetic zipper" or "one-handed zipper". Please see our list of MagZip Jackets for brands currently incorporating MagZip technology. 

The Slider on my MagZip is broken. Do I need to get a slider from you?

MagZip zippers have specially designed sliders. While other sliders may look similar, they will not work properly.  MagZip Sliders are available only though our store.