Free shipping on MagZip and accessory orders over $20. Hoodie orders over $50. USA only.


We take the quality of MagZip very seriously.  If your MagZip has broken or fails to perform, due to a manufacturing defect, you may be eligible for a free replacement.  Please read the information below and follow the instructions that applies to you:

You have a broken MagZip that was purchased from our store.

  • You may be entitled to a free replacement, not including shipping.
  • Our stock is limited.  If the exact style you purchased is unavailable, we will do our best to find an acceptable substitute.
  • Please send the following information to this e-mail.
    • A picture of the damage or defect.
    • The original order number.
    • After we review your information and confirm eligibility, you will receive a special code for a replacement from our store.

    You have a branded jacket, including Under Armour, with a damaged MagZip.

    • Please contact the original manufacturer first to determine whether a remedy is available under their warranty.
    • We have no affiliation with brands incorporating MagZip, including Under Armour, and cannot provide warranty service.
    • We do have a large inventory of MagZip zippers available.  If you wish to replace the MagZip in your branded jacket, please visit our MagZip Product page to select a replacement.