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MagZip is continuing to expand to a number of retail brands.  Below is a list of brands that are currently incorporating MagZip:




Info:  MagZip is a trademark of Under Armour.

Each brand may market MagZip using their own terms, i.e. One-Handed Zipper, Magnetic Zipper, etc.  

Please contact the individual brands for questions regarding their garments.


"I purchased a one of a kind Cubs World Series jacket from UA that had this zipper."

"The jacket - after much much use - had a tear by the zipper. When I went to a tailor to get the zipper replaced, she wouldn't take it out she said "This zipper is beautiful and one of a kind. You should get in touch with the manufacturer of the zipper to get a new one". That's how I found MagZip and the level of professionalism to try to match the exact zipper color has been fantastic - I HIGHLY recommend both the one-of-a-kind product but also the company in general. Thanks again!" ~ Michael D.